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NID Entrance Exam Coaching in Calicut, Kerala

The National Institute of Design (NID) stands as a global leader in education and research, specializing in Industrial, Communication, Textile, and IT-integrated (Experiential) Design. As a statutory institute under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, NID holds the prestigious designation of being an ‘Institution of National Importance’ by virtue of the National Institute of Design Act 2014, enacted by Parliament. Recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Indian government, NID operates as independent public design schools with campuses strategically located in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Kurukshetra (Haryana), Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), Jorhat (Assam), and Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh). Explore innovative design education with NID, a hallmark in the realm of design excellence. To get a better understanding of the teaching methods and course offerings, you can visit Ghaya Institute of Design, Calicut, Kerala.

Ghaya Institute of Design (GID) is one of the leading NID Coaching Institute in Kerala. If you want to join  offline classes then contact us.

NID Academics

Discover the Top NID Coaching Institute in Kerala, offering a diverse range of courses such as NID Graphic Design, Product Design, Interior Design, Filmmaking, Animation, and more. Our offerings include Bachelor of Design (B.Des.), Graduate Diploma Programs in Design (GDPD), Master of Design (M.Des.), and Doctoral Programs (D.D.). In addition to these, NID provides various international programs and foundation courses. Elevate your design aspirations with the Best NID Coaching Institute in Kerala, where excellence meets innovation in design education.

NID Advantage

Established in 1961, NID is a premier institution providing top-notch design education, fostering design awareness, and cultivating excellent design professionals tailored to meet India’s distinctive design requirements. Our mission is to prepare design trainers to become global leaders in design education and research in the twenty-first century by adapting to changes in the economic and commercial landscape.

NID specializes in Industrial, Communication, Textile, and IT Integrated (Experiential) Design, offering Bachelor of Design (B.Des.), Graduate Diploma Programs in Design (GDPD), Master of Design (M.Des.), and Doctoral Programs (D.D.). We aim to enhance institutional structures, produce high-quality design professionals, and foster academic excellence.

While some students have successfully navigated the NID test independently, enrolling in a coaching program can significantly improve your chances of success. Ghaya Institute of Design stands out as the Top NID Coaching Institute in Calicut, Kerala, providing comprehensive preparation for NID bachelor and master courses. Here’s how we can enhance your prospects:

  1. Competitive Environment: NID coaching improves your consistency and regularity in a competitive setting.

  2. Enjoyable Learning: Regular NID courses with like-minded individuals make the learning process more enjoyable.

  3. Expert Coaching: Benefit from expert coaching at Ghaya Institute of Design for effective preparation.

  4. Practice and Guidance: Excellent practice sessions and personalized guidance ensure success in the GIDTest and Personal Interview.

Join Ghaya institute of Design for NID Coaching in Kerala and elevate your chances of success.

Tips for NID Student Portfolio Preparation:

Creating a compelling portfolio is crucial for design colleges like NID. Here are some tips for preparing your NID student portfolio:

  1. Include Your Best Work: Showcase artwork that demonstrates your skills, interests, ideas, and experiences in the design field. Set yourself apart with unique and exceptional projects.

  2. Limit Your Work: Quality over quantity. Keep your portfolio concise, focusing on 10-15 pages with each page dedicated to a single project for clarity and impact.

  3. Work on Presentation: Label your portfolio appropriately and provide concise introductions for each project. Let the visuals speak for themselves, ensuring a clear and impactful presentation.

Enroll in our Offline Coaching Classes at Ghaya Institute of Design at Calicut, kerala to gain professional insights and tips for creating an outstanding portfolio. Elevate your design journey with us!

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Ghaya Institute of Design is your gateway to a world of creative possibilities. We specialize in coaching for prestigious entrance exams like NID, NIFT, and UCEED, offering top-tier offline and Smart-Study programs. For over 12 years, we’ve been igniting the creative sparks of students across Kerala, consistently achieving remarkable results. Unleash your artistic potential with us!

Entrance Exam Coaching for 2024 / 2025 Attempt


NID stands tall as Asia’s premier institution for design education. The gateway to its coveted M.Des and B.Des programs is the Design Aptitude Test (DAT), comprising Prelims and Mains. While the DAT Prelims is a written assessment, the Mains involves a studio test and interview. Ghaya offers comprehensive coaching, including 1 Year full course, 1 Year weekend course, and Crash Course programs tailored for NID entrance exam preparation. Over the past 3 years, more than 200 Ghaya students have successfully cleared the NID Entrance, with an impressive feat in 2022—where Ghaya students secured 30 positions within the top 100 ranks at NID exams. Elevate your design journey with Ghaya!


NIFT stands as India’s premier institution for Fashion Design, where admission to its esteemed programs is determined by meeting eligibility criteria and successfully navigating the NIFT entrance exams. The CAT & GAT papers constitute written assessments, while the Situation Test & GDPI involve practical evaluations. Ghaya proudly offers tailored coaching, including 1 Year full course, 1 Year weekend course, and Crash Course programs designed for NIFT exam preparation. Over the past 3 years, the remarkable achievements of over 1000 Ghaya students have been evident in their successful navigation of the NIFT entrance. In the pinnacle year of 2022, Ghaya students triumphed by securing an impressive 74 positions within the top 100 ranks at the NIFT exams. Join Ghaya to unfold your fashion aspirations!


IIT conducts the UCEED & CEED exams, serving as the gateway to its B.Des & M.Des programs. These exams comprise two parts: Part A, a computer-based objective test, and Part B, which includes drawing, creativity, visualization, and problem-solving questions. Ghaya offers specialized coaching, featuring 1 Year full course, 1 Year weekend course, and Crash Course programs tailored for UCEED & CEED exam preparation. In the notable year of 2022, the prowess of 120 Ghaya students shone through as they successfully cleared the UCEED & CEED exams, securing commendable All India Ranks of 17, 70, 89, and more at these prestigious entrance exams. Elevate your design aspirations with Ghaya!

NID Coaching Classes in Kerala

Design influences our daily decisions in physical and virtual spaces, from illustrations to graphics. The demand for designers is rising, yet many still opt for medical and engineering courses despite changing trends.

Now, more people are considering careers in design. Ghaya Institute of Design (GID) is a top NID coaching center in Kerala, specially designed for 12th Class students. We make their journey to Entrance Exams of NID, NIFT, and IIT (UCEED) easier. Discover the exciting possibilities in the world of design with us!

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National Institute of Design (NID)

Ghaya Institute excels in providing top-notch design entrance coaching for students aspiring to succeed in the National Institute of Design (NID) entrance test, also known as the Design Aptitude Test (DAT). Aspiring designers seeking admission to NID’s prestigious design programs must successfully navigate the challenging NID entrance test, a key step toward securing admission to NID campuses across various locations.

For optimal NID preparation, Ghaya offers exceptional tutorial services. When considering NID coaching, the choice of classes plays a crucial role in cracking the design entrance exam. The competitive nature of NID entrance exams demands thorough preparation, and Ghaya ensures that students are well-equipped to meet these challenges.

Ghaya’s design entrance coaching, led by experienced NID faculty, caters to students aiming to build a successful career in design through excellence in the NID entrance test. The institute provides various courses for the NID design entrance exam, including a 1-year weekend course  for students in class X and XI, and a 1-year full course  for aspirants in class XI & XII. Ghaya offers coaching for both B.Des and M.Des entrance exams at NID.

The well-structured course modules for the B.Des and M.Des design entrance exams are meticulously crafted by highly qualified NID alumni faculties and industry experts in design. Ghaya provides students with the invaluable opportunity to learn from brilliant minds in the design industry, elevating their NID entrance preparation to new heights.

The application process for the NID 2023 entrance exam will commence in October 2022. The NID DAT Prelims 2023 is scheduled for January, followed by the DAT Mains in April/May 2023. The NID DAT Prelims is a 100-mark written exam with two parts for BDes and MDes, involving objective and subjective sections.

As design entrance exam patterns can change annually, Ghaya’s design entrance coaching ensures students stay up-to-date. The institute provides high-quality Sample Papers for both B.Des & M.Des, similar to the NID entrance exam. Ghaya prepares students with comprehensive NID mock tests, following a structured program to equip each NID entrance aspirant for success.

In addition to classroom coaching, Ghaya offers students access to an Online Learning App and top-rated self-study books for NID preparation. The exclusive NID Mock Test Series includes the latest objective and subjective questions expected in the NID entrance exam, along with Practice Papers and Previous Year Solved Papers. Ghaya’s study material kit consists of 10+ books and a Free NID test series aligned with the new B—Des pattern. Free video lessons are also available on the website as part of the study material.

Ghaya provides a Home Coaching DVD Kit for NID Mains preparation to further enhance NID preparation, featuring high-quality video lessons, studio test exercises, study materials, NID tutorials, interviews, and portfolio preparation. NID/IIT Alumni have prepared the updated module.

Embark on your journey to success with Ghaya, the premier NID design entrance coaching institute, and approach the NID entrance with confidence. Enroll now for NID classes at Ghaya!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any NID offline coaching classes in Kerala?

Certainly! Ghaya Institute of Design stands out as the premier NID Coaching class in Kerala, providing top-notch coaching for aspiring fashion designers. Our coaching program offers expert guidance, covering all facets to enhance students’ skills and knowledge, ensuring their success in the NID entrance exam. Join Ghaya Institute of Design for quality coaching on your journey to becoming an Outstanding designer.

What are the advantages of joining NID Coaching Classes in Kerala?

Joining NID coaching at Ghaya Institute of Design in Kerala gives you access to experienced teachers, customized study materials, regular practice tests, and personal feedback. All of these resources help you perform your best in the NID exam. Choose Ghaya Institute of Design for straightforward and effective NID coaching.

Does Ghaya Institute of Design offer one-on-one NID coaching in Kerala?

Yes, Ghaya Institute of Design offers private coaching for students who need extra help and individual attention.

Are there any additional resources provided by Ghaya Institute of Design for NID coaching in Kerala?

Sure! At Ghaya Institute of Design, students get special study materials, past exam papers, and online resources to support their class lessons. We also provide mock tests that resemble the NID entrance exam.

What is the duration of the NID coaching in Kerala program offered by Ghaya Institute of Design?

Explore Ghaya Institute of Design’s comprehensive offerings, including a 1-year foundation program for 10th graders, a 1-year full-time NID coaching program for 12th graders, and flexible crash courses ranging from 15 to 45 days, tailored to individual student requirements. Our courses are designed to meet diverse needs. Additionally, benefit from study materials and a convenient distance learning program for those seeking a personalized approach. Join Ghaya Institute of Design for effective and SEO-friendly coaching programs.

What are the eligibility requirements for NID Coaching Classes in Kerala?

There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in NID Coaching classes in Kerala. Our classes welcome individuals of all educational backgrounds and ages who are gearing up for the NID entrance exam. Join us regardless of your education or age to prepare effectively for NID’s entrance exam.

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